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Amanda Tress and Dr Alex
The FASTer Way Concierge Program provides you exclusive access to a functional health practitioner along with nutrition and mindset experts to build a personalized plan just for you, based on your health analysis and results.

As a Concierge member, you’ll have a complete team working in synergy to pursue your individual goals with five-star excellence.
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You’re unique. It’s time to get personal.

Amanda Tress and Dr Alex

Elevated Health Expertise

Your licensed functional health practitioner will review your current health challenges and build a wellness plan with data-driven results.

Faster Way to Fat Loss Meal Guide

Personalized Nutrition

Working with your health practitioner, our nutrition coaches will create a nutrition plan around your specific tastes, sensitivities, and health needs.

Faster Way to Fat Loss Personalized workouts

Fitness For You

Taking into account your health analysis and nutrition needs, the Concierge Team will advise an exercise plan that works with your physical and individual goals.

We’ve designed the total package with your distinct journey in mind.

FASTer Way to Fat Loss package
Advanced Testing
To  explore your peronal health analysis
Personalized Macros
Developed with licensed nutrition experts using bio individual results
Personalized Nutrition
Designed with your personal needs and tastes
Individually Designed Workouts
Data-driven routines based on your health needs
Direct Access to Our Extensive Team
Functional health practitioner, nutrition, mindset and fitness experts
Regular Communication
Ongoing check-ins and support

Here's how it works.

Step 1
Purchase your desired package.
Step 2
Complete our Concierge Member health form.
Step 3
Schedule your call with our functional health practitioner.
Step 4
Follow your uniquely designed wellness plan developed cohesively by our team of experts.
Step 5
Thrive toward your goals with unrivaled support from our Concierge team.
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Choose from three all-inclusive options.

Plus, as a Concierge Program Member, we’ll waive your VIP fee for the duration of your package, and we’ll cover the standard setup fee.
1-Month Package
Health Practitioner Consultation

Mindset Coach Consultation

Nutrition Consultation
1-Month Personalized Nutrition
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3-Month Package
3 Health Practitioner Consultations
3 Mindset Coach Consultations
3 Nutrition Consultations
3-Month Personalized Nutrition
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6-Month Package
6 Health Practitioner Consultations
6 Mindset Coach Consultations
6 Nutrition Consultations
6-Month Personalized Nutrition
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Learn how our Concierge Program can benefit your health.

We’ve reserved our best perks for you.

FASTer Way Concierge members have access to more than a coach .
FASTer Way to Fat Loss perks
  • Advanced Health Review
  • Full Team of Experts
  • Insider Access to Products

Pursue your healthiest self. Conquer your goals. Create your dream body.
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